…promise you…

…promise you…




Hello lovelies~ I’ll held a 2nd giveaway and this time it’s a ”Blue World” Giveaway ^-^ Since I’ve bought many copies I decided to give some away to ELFs <3 sorry that it’s only a small giveaway ><


there will be three winners..

  • 1st: CD Only Ver. + Poster
  • 2nd: CD Only Ver.
  • 3rd: Poster

posters will be folded! and the CD’s don’t come with photocards since I have already opened them but the CD’s are completely unused^^

The Poster does look like the cover of the CD


  • no Giveaway blogs!! (I’ll check)
  • you have to reblog at least once (the more you reblog the more entries you have but remember to not spam your followers xD), likes do also count but only when you’ve reblogged this post
  • You don’t have to be following me (but I’d appreciate it~), you just have to be an ELF^^
  • make sure that your Ask box is open cuz if you don’t reply within 48 hours I’ll choose another winner
  • Please only take part in this Giveaway if you don’t already have the CD/poster !! give other ELFs a chance~ thanks

The Giveaway will end on February 1 11:00pm CET ^-^

Good luck to everyone♥

he is a perfect human being


okay that top needs to go right now.

wo ai ni &lt;3

wo ai ni <3